Prop 8: More Boycott Info

The Human Rights Campaign has a new list of companies that donated money to the anti-marriage equality Proposition 8 fight in California. If you are fighting by way of boycott, you want to see this.

Also, from the inbox:

A good friend of mine just sent me a link to site that lets you see who contributed to support passage of California Proposition 8, how much they contributed, what they do for a living and their employers. I suggest that if you feel Prop. 8 is a discriminatory act of ignorance and hate you can use this site to help you decide where you are going to spend your money this holiday season (and beyond).

For instance I clicked on the details button for a name I picked at random on the supporting contributors page and found that this person was a wedding planner and the name of the company she works for. I then wrote an email to that company (Amy Kuschel Bride) telling them that I am posting this info on my Facebook page suggesting that anyone against Prop 8 who is looking for a wedding dress or planner not only avoid this business like the plague, but contact them and tell them that they are not using their services and why.

Economic pressure was a very important tool in the fight for civil rights in the last century. Nearly 50% of this state’s voters rejected Prop. 8 and we have serious economic clout; we need to use it to our advantage. I saw the LAPD beating anti Prop 8 protesters in Hollywood on the news when I woke up this morning and I knew there had to be a better, safer and more effective way of demonstrating our anger and disappointment.

So before you buy that car or any big ticket item, before you buy an expensive gift at that cute boutique in the wine country, before you make reservations at that Mendocino B & B, before you book a caterer for your office Christmas party, go to this site and enter the name of the business or the person you are doing  business with or the zip code and city. The same goes for my out of state friends, don’t buy anything from CA with out checking the site for that business. I should also add that you can look for contributors to the fight against Prop. 8 at this site and reward them with your business.

We only lost this battle, we will win the war!! Please forward this to anyone who you think is interested. Let’s not give our hard earned dollars to people who don’t see all human beings as equal, deserving the same rights and protections under the law. 

Thanks for listening.



One response to “Prop 8: More Boycott Info

  1. The U.S. government crossed a VERY serious line with PROP 8.

    This “proposition” threatened children’s sense of safety and belongingness in California. Children’s safety. Regardless of THIS particular fight, there are way too many fights on way too many fronts for us to conquer piecemeal. The Time is Now – DRAW A NEW LINE in the sand and demand from President Obama and our representatives FULL EQUALITY.

    Equality Is Simple When You Simply Include Everybody.

    What? Not detailed enough for the lawyers?

    OK, we can list repealing DOMA, repealing DADT, include transgender in the ENDA Bill, allow adoption of abandoned children, equality in immigration issues, recognize our hate crimes as such, equal family/children rights……….whew! See what I mean?

    We are EQUAL SOULS in HUMAN BODIES. Could we please STOP discriminating due to the genitalia attached? Plumbing will determine each civil right?! Any separation from the pack is ultimately due to gender (and/or gender roles & stereotyping), and that is SEXISM. I cannot marry Bob because I am the “wrong” gender; if I were a woman I could marry Bob. SEXISM.

    And I cannot stress ENOUGH how my own suffering from Marriage Inequality is NOT the reason for wanting or needing equality. I am not something to focus on. But my story, and the stories of countless other Americans desperately need to be addressed in this civil rights struggle. Marriage laws were put in place many years ago in order to PROTECT individuals and their FAMILIES; if they were NOT necessary they would not exist (for heterosexuals). When these laws are NOT in place for ALL OF US, horrible, horrible suffering occurs. My WEBSITE has many examples.

    So Americans want to continue denying us what they have already deemed as essential. And many people want us to WAIT…2….5……10…….20……..30 YEARS, depending on the “civil right”, for what WAS and IS our birthright.

    I personally have a HUGE problem with that. I cannot wait. I will not wait.

    Will you join me on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009, and help me inform the government that WE are eager to be included in the federal tax base as soon as THEY include us in society’s laws? My 5-year-old students could understand this concept: EQUAL = EQUAL

    As Americans can’t we agree that there are MANY other important issues to address (like the Economy, Education, Health Care, Poverty & Homelessness, Iraq/Afghanistan…all of these are related), and solving THOSE problems is more urgent than having “Equality Issues” TIE UP THE COURTS for another 30+ years? We will NOT go away.

    You keep procreating; we keep popping out. Sorry.

    Our representatives have spent years inventing 4-letter words (DOMA, DADT) to restrict us, deny us, demoralize us, and harm our beloved families and children. Enough is enough.


    The National Equality Tax Protest
    – Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 –

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