Liveblogging Baltimore’s Anti-Prop 8 Rally

When one is carless, one is at the mercy of kind people with automobiles. Due to an outside emergency, the extremely kind and wonderful person who offered me a ride to Baltimore’s Anti-Prop 8 rally had to cancel at the last minute, so I’m stuck at home. Lemonade out of lemons: I am in contact with folks at the event, and through them will live-blog the goings-on.

I just spoke with Joe King, one of the organizers. He reports that at 30 minutes until start time, people are arriving. The logistics team is busy with last-minute preparations, everyone is praying that the rain stays away, and spirits are high. There is no guess as to how many protestors will attend — Joe says perhaps 300-500 — or whether anti-gay counter-protestors will make an appearance.

The event is operating without a permit; time did not permit the securing of one. The Baltimore police, however, are aware of the protest, as are City Hall staffers. All are expecting no difficulties, however, as the protest is intended to be a peaceful gathering.

When we hear more, we’ll let you know.


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