Baltimore’s Prop 8 Rally Soggy But Successful

Utimately, the rains had the final say as to the closing time of the Baltimore Join the Impact Anti-Proposition 8 Rally. But organizers say the hundreds of supporters were able to hear many passionate and empowering speakers and the message was served.

From one organizer/spectator:

It was great! …  Makemie and joe definitely did an awesome job! So did Steve Haddad, Sean, Patrick Wojahn, and all the other speakers. I was really happy about the turnout and about the fact that I didn’t see any religious groups with anti-gay protests or anything. Even after the downpour, some folks stayed on the corner, holding the signs and waving at drivers as they went by. As I was walking away, I could hear them cheering and cars honking their horns.

Enjoy the following photos by Gabrielle:


” title=”11/15 Join the Impact Anti-Prop 8 Protest – Baltimore City Hall by Gabrielle” class=”aligncenter” width=”640″ height=”480″ />


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