Baltimore Anti-Prop 8 Protest – Last-Minute Info

The Nationwide Anti-Prop8 protests take place tomorrow! The Baltimore event will be at City Hall, 100 N. Holliday St., at 1:30pm.

We need as many people as possible to attend and speak out against legalized injustice. Please come and tell everyone you know.

Some notes from the organizers:

–  First, and most importantly, this needs to be a PEACEFUL event.  We weren’t able to obtain permits because of the last minute nature of the whole Join the Impact! effort.  This means whether or not we get to stay is ENTIRELY up to the discretion of police officers.  When they decide it’s getting out of hand, we have to leave.  Hundreds of people can work themselves up and seem out of control very quickly.  So tell EVERYONE you know this is going to be peaceful.  Pretend the anti-gay protesters aren’t there.  Don’t let them engage you.  We’re not there for them, we’re there to get our message out.

–  Everyone make signs to carry!  Google ideas for them if you’re drawing a blank.  There’s a list of sign ideas on the Facebook page as well.  Make lots of extras if you have time.  Bring them all to the table when you get there and we’ll hand them out to people who didn’t bring one … which I’m sure there will be a lot of.  But keep your signs respectful.  Nothing derogatory.  Let’s not stoop to our opponents’ level.

One last thing… I know we all love our rainbow flags and please, do bring them because they are a beautiful symbol of the diversity in our community, however I think in addition it would be great if some of us brought American flags to wave around as well! I think it would be a great reminder to the nation that yes we are gay but that is not all we are. We are also Americans who love our country and just wish to be treated with the same respect and equality that is afforded to everyone else. While this may seem like a small symbol, it may also be a powerful one that may give those who feel disconnected from the gay community something to relate to.

Forward this info to everyone you can!  And we’ll see you Saturday!

IF YOU’RE NOT IN BALTIMORE: Go to for location and time info for your city.


This is just the beginning of this way overdue revolution. On January 10, the next big national Join the Impact protest takes place: A National Protest Against DoMA, the federal Defense of Marriage Act. This is the law that keeps us second-class under federal law. We’ll need everyone’s help and participation for that, but for now, let’s make tomorrow a success and spread the word that a January 10th march is happening.


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