Wockner on Nov. 15 Anti-Prop 8 Protests

Don’t forget: The Baltimore protest takes place Saturday at 1:30pm at City Hall (100 Holliday St.) . Bring a friend. For locations in other cities, click here.

Veteran journalist Rex Wockner says the upcoming series of national protests against California’s Proposition 8 and in support of marriage equality may be a high-tech Stonewall.

…But just like the mongo demonstrations weve seen in California since Nov. 4, Saturday’s national protest-o-rama is being organized via Facebook, text-messaging, Twitter, blogs, RSS and e-mail. Totally grassroots. Totally fascinating. And I suspect it will be big.

Maybe Stonewall was Activism 1.0, ACT UP was Activism 2.0, the failed corporate activism of HRC and No On Prop 8 was Activism 3.0, and now we are witnessing Activism 4.0 being born.

It’s virtually impossible to know you’re experiencing history in the making when you’re right in the middle of it. But our present generation with their SMS texting and their Twittering aka “tweeting” and their Facebooking are mad as hell over this, and its looking to me like they’re not going to take it anymore.

I sense the power could be shifting, from the suit-and-tie professional activists with their offices, their access, their press releases and their catered receptions, to the grassroots. And come to think of it, what was Obama’s victory but the victory of the grassroots?

via Wockner: Stonewall 2.0? Gay Activism 4.0?


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