Prop 8: How Many Voted Yes When They Meant to Vote No?

I have no doubt that many people voted for California’s odious anti-equality Proposition 8 mistakenly, thinking they were in favor of maintaining legal equality for gays and lesbians. One of those well-meaning dimwits was Courtney Love, according to celebrity news site Defamer:

Now that California’s Proposition 8 has passed, many celebrities are decrying the anti-gay rights measure — and then there’s addled songstress Courtney Love. Your Defamer put in some time phone-banking for the “No on 8” cause before the election, and often we discovered that people thought they’d be granting gay people equal rights by voting “yes” on the proposition, a misconception they needed to be hastily disabused of. Sadly, Love never got the memo, and she took to her Myspace blog to brag about her yes vote and celebrate the proposition’s passing.

Read the rest at Defamer.

Just another reason Proposition 8 — the first instance in which rights were taken away from a specific group of citizens, giving them lesser status than other people — must be repealed. Morality and fairness demand it.


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