Kate Clinton Cracks Wise on Prop 8

Comedian Kate Clinton, who happens to be gay, has been happily partnered for 20 years. But she says she won’t get married until she is fully equal throughout the nation.

I understand and respect that, definitely.

Certainly, though, Clinton supports the right of gays and lesbians to marry if they wish and was very happy for that regrettably brief period when California allowed marriage equality for all. And, writing for The Progressive before the election, she said she thoroughly opposed the bigoted Proposition 8. The jokester presented a list of actions to take — some in jest, some serious — should hate win the day.

Well, hate won. And this is a great time to consider Clinton’s suggested list. First, the funny stuff:


I say November 5th we call for a general gay work slowdown.

Decorators will do deliberately bad, possibly dangerous feng shui.

Hairdressers will mistakenly lay hot curling irons down on ears.

Social workers will give bad advice: “Your father sounds like a great guy. Show him some love.”

Salespeople will ooze, “Oh, that looks great on you.”

Waiters will serve cold food and suggest the wrong wine.

Flight attendants will put ‘out of service’ signs on bathrooms midway through long-distance flights.

Some nameless malaise will dim Broadway.

But, seriously, folks:

If gay people are not to be full citizens of this country, we should stop paying taxes.

To make up for the lost funds, as an alternate revenue stream, it is time to tax churches that have encouraged anti-gay hatred through their bullying pulpits.

The FBI recently released hate-crime statistics that showed a 1% decrease in hate crimes over all, but a 6% increase in anti-gay hate crimes.

Fight the hate in what manner best suits you, but fight it with all your might. And though our plight is miserable, try to take some time to laugh. In fact, catch a Kate Clinton show if you can. It makes the second-class-citizen life a tiny bit easier to endure.


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