Boycotting Bigoted California

Mega-props and thanks to Californians Against Hate. Throughout the divisive campaign, this nonprofit group served (and still does) a vital purpose:

We want the country to know who is funding the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign to take away marriage equality in California. So right up until the November 4th election, we will post all major donors on our web site. These are all donors who gave $5000.00 and over, many way over Weve taken public information from the California Secretary of State’s Office and added telephone numbers and web sites when available. We also included commentary on some of the more interesting and controversial donors. Individuals and businesses have given a vast amount of money to take away are our recently attained freedom to marry in California, and we want you to know who they are.

A few days ago, I was asked how to go about boycotting firms and organizations that supported the snatching of rights from GLBT Californians, and I wanted to do some research before providing an answer. Good thing I did, because the search led me to Californians Against Hate. A great resource to use is the group’s Dishonor Roll. Scrutinize the list and when you see firms’ and organizations’ names, take note of them. Don’t give them your business — and contact to let them know why.

Telegraph this action — spread the word. Encourage your friends and associates to do the same. Together, we can make the haters know that they will not get away with their bigotry and treachery. Stand up for your rights.


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