The Triumph of Bigots

by Tony Seton

The people of The Golden State got one right, barely, and one seriously wrong in the balloting on a dozen propositions on Tuesday. They voted down, for the third time in four years, a measure that would have required girls to notify their parents before getting an abortion. The margin was only four percent, desperately small considering that the reason many girls do not notify their parents is because their parents were directly or indirectly responsible for them getting pregnant.

(This sidebar. The United States ranks 82nd in the world in preventing teen pregnancy. A new study blames much of the problem on girls watching too much steamy television, music videos, and films.)

What Californians failed miserably at was stopping a measure that would constitutionally bar same-sex marriages. The proposition passed by five points. It is being challenged by opponents who say that the action was such a significant change in the state’s constitution that it would have had to be approved by the legislature and then submitted to the voters instead of put up for approval by a majority of those voting.

It’s one thing to tweak these semi-sacred documents. It’s quite another to allow a majority to deprive a minority of basic rights. Honest conservatives know this, but that group doesn’t include the bigot fundamentalists who are on a crusade to quash the separation of church and state in their favor.

The prime mover of the proposition complained of the court challenge, complaining that it was a backdoor effort to subvert the will of the majority. Considering the reprehensible campaign by the prop supporters, they were the ones who were subverting due process. They lied about how children would be forced to learn about homosexuality and attend gay weddings. If they had told the truth, they wouldn’t have had a case. They won by promoting false fears… the very antithesis of the Christ Consciousness. Ultimately, justice – and morality – will prevail.


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