After Obama’s Win, Many Embrace Change – And Others Resist

Much of the right wing is moaning and crying about the election of Barack Obama to the highest office in the land. I feel badly for them and will not gloat. How did we feel over the past eight years of helllish Reoublican rule? Wishing ill to others would be completely wrong. But indeed the people have spoken resoundingly, and for once, they have done so in the name of progress. As even many mature Republicans have noted, this is a proud moment for the US and for the world.

But do not make the mistake of thinking that all is well in this country. Getting beyond the challenges facing President-Elect Obama — the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East peace, energy, etc. — many Americans are afraid and outraged that an African-American person will be the next president. And that is making them scary.

Recall Obama’s campaign statement about bitter people clinging to their guns. It doesn’t feel like a gaffe now: Following the election, gun shops are experiencing a sales boom.

From right-wing blog Blackfive:

Screw the coronation and start of the Obamanation. 1 20 09, the day we begin the fight to stop the left from telling the rest of us how to live our lives and pussifying American society. I went with Chuck Z today to his favorite local gun shop and where last week there were dozens of AK and variants for sale, today there were half as many and a line to buy.

Hate speech on all kinds of news and entertainment Web sites is flourishing. Perhaps there should be another funeral for the N word — I’ve seen and heard it quite a lot over the past few days.  The Obamas’ Chicago home has now been fortified to keep the new First Family safe. Right-wing bloggers and lawmakers are prepared to fight anything the new administration does. From GOPper blog V the K’s Caption This:

If only one good thing has come from this election, it’s that it is crystal clear who the enemy is. We don’t have to compromise any more. We’re liberated from having to back mushy moderates just because if the alternative gets power, it would be worse. Well, now the worse alternative is in power, and we have nothing to lose.

We can expect to hear talk about prayer in schools and the like. From Andy McCarthy’s The Corner blog at the National Review:

Preliminary indications are that the youth vote (ages 18-29) was way up:  an increase of somewhere over 2.2 million (maybe way over) from 2004 (a year in which it was very high), and as much as 13% over 2000.  The Left’s dominance of the academy is now having a material impact on electoral politics.  As we think about the future of conservatism, we ignore that at our peril.

And then there is the Sarah Palin contingent — the socially conservative, radical right-wingers who are feeling sold out by moderate Republicans and Independents and are out for revenge. 

Keep your eyes open and be vigilant. There is a huge swath of this country that will work actively to hinder further US progress and anything a President Obama tries, and many of them are actively racist. We can and should empathize with their pain, but we cannot let them prevail in the end. There is a nation to save.


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