Bigotry in California Mars an Otherwise Great Election Night

After a heated, divisive campaign, fueled by a record $73 million of spending, California voters Tuesday were backing Prop. 8, which would change the state Constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

With 11 percent of the vote counted, the measure held a 55 percent to 45 percent lead.

Six months after the California Supreme Court cleared the way for gay and lesbian couples to wed legally, the estimated 18,000 same-sex couples who took advantage of the landmark decision now are wondering if they will be the last.

The campaign pitted those who argued that a same-sex marriage ban was nothing more than outdated discrimination against gays and lesbians, and conservatives and Christian groups who countered that the state and the courts have no right to change unilaterally a definition of marriage that has existed for centuries.

via SF ChronicleProp. 8 to ban same-sex marriage leading

Early poll results Tuesday night showed California voters leaning toward overturning same-sex marriage in the state in a decision that could impact how the issue plays out elsewhere in the nation.

Approval of Proposition 8 would be a stunning upset in a $70-million campaign that just weeks ago looked to be running in favor of preserving gay marriage rights.

By 9 p.m. in California, 54.5 % of voters favored passing Prop 8, as the measure is known, and 45.5% were against it, with 20.9% of precincts voting, according to the Secretary of State. However, both sides cautioned that the vote could be very close and that it might still be early to declare a winner.

The passage of Prop 8, as it is known, would be a major victory for religious conservatives seeking to ban gay marriage in other states, and a crippling setback for the gay rights movement nationwide.

via Wall Street Journal: Early polls show lead for Prop 8

Andrew Sullivan, blogging for The Atlantic, says it ain’t over yet — remain hopeful. And should the odious Prop 8 win, he counsels that equality will just take longer to get here, but eventually, it will come. I pray that come morning, goodness will win over hate. If the bad guys win this one, it will set our equality movement back, but the fight will not be over. 

Here’s the page for results. Only 24 percent now reporting. So hang in. I can’t get it to load right now. But I’ll keep trying. I sure haven’t lost hope on this. But I will say this, whatever happens. We will win this in the end. We must never let popular votes affect our own internal sense of our worth, our equality, our dignity as human beings. Our marriages are real; all that is at issue is whether a majority will recognize them in law. The next generation already does. We shall overcome. Do not be discouraged. But we may still win.

via Sullivan’s Daily Dish: Prop 8 Early Results



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