Obama v. McCain Update

I’m spending the evening watching three televisions and a host of web site after spending a really fun, jubilant day at the polls in blue Maryland. At 9:43 pm — still fairly early — I am going to do something that’s a first for AF&O. 

As of now, the big news sites — MSNBC, CBS, BBC, PBS — all have the projected electoral count at about 200 votes for the Democrat and 124 for the Republican. So far, Ohio and Pennsylvania are projected for Sen. Obama, while Florida and Virginia are still too close to call. Georgia, it appears, has gone along racist lines — and yes, race still seems to have an effect, particularly in the southern US. Most depressing. However, I’m prepared to call it. I suspect the president-elect will be Barack Obama. 

If wrong, I’ll double my antidepressant dosage… but somehow it seems this is a magical, historic night. And somewhere in heaven or wherever, I bet my father and grandfather and Obama’s grandparents and parents are beaming with pride.

Fingers crossed…


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