Joe the Plumber Eyes Record Deal

He may not have a plumbing license, but word is out that Samuel Wurzelbacher — aka Joe the Plumber of McCain stooge fame — can croon a country tune. Politico reports that Joe is part of a new business partnership negotiating public-eye opportunities, and maybe a record deal

On Tuesday, Wurzelbacher joined country music artist and producer Aaron Tippin to form a new partnership that includes booking-management firm Bobby Roberts and publicity-management concern The Press Office to field the multiple media offers he’s received over the past few weeks. 

Among the requests: a possible record deal with a major label, personal appearances and corporate sponsorships. A longtime country music fan, Wurzelbacher can sing and “knocks around on guitar” but is not an accomplished musician or songwriter, according to The Press Office’s Jim Della Croce. 

“He’s a complicated guy with a very dynamic personality,” Della Croce told Politico. “He can sing and obviously has a strong political point of view.” 

Musician Aaron Tippin is Wurzelbacher’s partner in this endeavor. In the Washington Post, he tips his hat to Joe’s charisma.

The country star (whose new song is “Drill Here, Drill Now”) brought Joe into the fold after meeting him on the “Huckabee” show: “There’s something about that guy, his voice. People are drawn to him.” At the rally, “he reminded me of my first days in the music business. I told him, go out there and be who you are, and you know what, he did that.”

Apparently the plan is to have a JTP album out by Inauguration Day. If McCain loses, perhaps the release will be just in time for the kickoff of the Sarah Palin 2012 campaign. Imagine it: Sarah the Pitbull, all folksy charm and ruthless ambition, backed up by the First Dude and Joe the Singing Plumber and millions of largely undiscerning Americans. They could become the face and sound of a new revolution. Watch out: Whoever wins this presidential race, the new culture war begins now.


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