Colorado Groups Seek to Prevent Voter Disenfranchisement

With Election Day looming, a federal judge will hear arguments Wednesday to decide whether the Colorado secretary of state should reinstate thousands of people who were removed from the voting rolls.

Common Cause of Colorado, Mi Familia Vota Educations Fund and the Service Employees International Union filed a request in U.S. District Court in Denver for a temporary restraining order to bar the state from removing any more voters.

The lawsuit also seeks a preliminary injunction to reinstate the names of thousands of voters by Nov. 4 that they say were illegally dropped from the rolls.

The lawsuit says that the secretary of state violated the National Voting Rights Act because more than 20,000 voters were purged within the


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Adams County

Arapahoe County

Boulder County

Broomfield County

Denver City & County

Douglas County

Jefferson County

90-day window before an election, when removal is not allowed under the act.

The groups say that 90 days before an election, people cannot be removed unless a voter asks for removal, dies, is declared incapacitated or is convicted of a felony.

Secretary of State Mike Coffman has disputed the numbers of voters that the lawsuit says were purged.

"I continue to believe that Colorado has followed all applicable laws and look forward to concluding this case quickly and in the best interest of the state," he wrote in a prepared statement. "Voters can rest assured that maintaining accurate voter rolls is our top priority."

via Colorado voter-roll tussle lands in court – The Denver Post


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