This Week in Peace History 10/27-11/2

by Carl Bunin

This Week in Peace History is designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advocating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events (click the dates for details), there are so many smaller things done every day to promote peace and justice. Here’s to the real peace advocates: YOU!

Oct 27

•Peaceful two put to death
•First Plowshare Action in Baltimore
•Londoners march against Vietnam War
•Ralph Nader recruits

Oct 28


Oct 29

•Peacetime U.S. draft
•N.O.W. begins
•Nonviolence used against ROTC
•Bound and gagged in the courtroom
•Alice Doesn’t Day
•Dutch say no to cruise missiles

Oct 30

•8 Clergymen doing time
•Clear-cutting opposed in Oregon
•U.S.-Vietnam friendship

Oct 31

•Worker’s newspaper
•NBA integrates
•H-bomb I
•Strike in Iran
•Assassination in India

Nov 1

•Women register to vote 
•Algerian independence
•H-bomb II: biggest ever
•Organization emerges from protest
•U.S. ignores use of WMDs
•Rabin remembered: peace advocated

Nov 2

•Imprisoned presidential candidate
•Nuclear freeze referenda
•Martin Luther King Day official

The Peace symbol turns 50 this year!

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