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Activist and blogger Michael Petrelis speaks for me on this. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein — speak out for justice and equality NOW! And remember, NO ON CALIFORNIA’S HATEFUL PROP 8!

Over at the TruthDig site, veteran gay socialist leader and writer Scott Tucker has penned a long examination of the gay marriage and Prop 8 fight, and he raises a troubling question that needs to be answered now: Where are are the voices and bodies of leading CA Democrats?

As with so many questions about the No on 8 strategy, like why are no gay couples featured in our sides TV ads and promotion of gay marriage is verboten, the issue of our states reps to Congress status as persons missing in action is one more question Ive heard people say should wait until after the election.

“Lets leave the criticism of the campaign and Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi till November 5 and put all energy into get-out-the-vote efforts,” I am told. I cant swallow this advice.

We need real loud words and visible actions from our states politicians, who say theyre friends of gays and oppose Prop 8, whether Democratic or Republican, in the remaining eight days before the election.

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