Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai Stands by Principle

 Zimbabwe’s opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai warned Saturday that he would not sign a deal with President Robert Mugabe at any price simply to please other African leaders.”We have very high respect for SADC (Southern African Development Community), very high respect for every African institution,” he said at a meeting at Marondera, 80 kilometres (50 miles) east of the capital Harare.

“We don’t want our issues to go outside Africa,” he added.

“When they (the regional leaders) come on Monday we shall respect them.”

But, he said, if the diplomatic moves of the South African mediator Thabo Mbeki, were misdirected, there would be no deal.

He said his party had one message for Mbeki: “Quiet diplomacy has its limits, we give him all the respect (but) we may end up abandoning quiet diplomacy when we realise quiet diplomacy is being led for wrong approval.”

Three SADC heads of state and a minister will back Mbeki Monday in his efforts to get Tsvangarai and Mugabe to reach a deal on the composition of a new unity government.

via AFP: Tsvangirai says no deal just to satisfy mediators


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