HRC Releases 110th Congress Scorecard on GLBT Rights

Want to know how your employees in the US House and Senate performed in the service of working for equality for GLBT citizens? The Human Rights Campaign’s annual scorecard is now available via this PDF. Take a look — and talk to your lawmakers to congratulate or criticize them.

One note: The US House features seven progressive members who voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act — after they knew Bush would veto anything passed — because it did not include transgender protection. We honor their principled stand, as does HRC — however, these legislators, the so-called ENDA 7, each lost 10 points on the scorecard as a result. Consider Reps. Jerry Nadler (NY), Anthony Weiner (NY), Yvette Clark (NY), Ed Townes (NY), Lydia Valasquez (NY), Rush Holt (NJ) and Michael Michaud (ME) as having a perfect score of 100 despite the 90s that appear. And thank them for bringing character and integrity to a place where it is glimpsed all too rarely.


2 responses to “HRC Releases 110th Congress Scorecard on GLBT Rights

  1. translegalhistorian


    I have no idea who runs this blog, but I will say that I like the name ‘Grateful Dread.’

  2. Thanks. I’m Natalie and have been using that name since the early ’90s. The site’s been around nearly as long.

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