Denial of Marriage Equality Is Public Health Issue

Thank goodness this information was released prior to the election. Please share this article with every anti-gay person you know. Refusing marriage equality and stigmatizing an entire class of citizens under law harms society. It violates the credo of the founders that everyone must be equal under law and the separation of church from state. It is un-American. Do the right thing: No on California’s Proposition 8. No on all anti-equality laws. 

Three new research studies – two of which are scheduled to be published in the March 2009 issue of the National Sexuality Resource Centers peer-reviewed journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy – indicate “separate but equal” is no more equal in the matrimonial realm than it is in education. Consequently, the authors strongly suggest American policymakers dispense with efforts to define marriage as “the union of one man and one woman.”

That was the core message of a press conference hosted Tuesday morning at the resource center. According to researchers and members of the GLBT community, ballot initiatives and marriage denial should be considered a public health issue, because they create significant physical, psychological and social risks for the communities under attack.

What’s more, denial of marriage and exposure to negative messages during ballot initiatives affect all gays and lesbians – not just those seeking marriage.

The independent studies findings indicate same-sex couples want marriage more than other forms of partnership; that exposure to negative messages in states in which marriage amendments are on ballots negatively impacts all lesbian, gay and bisexual persons; and that the lack of legal recognition for same-sex relationships creates fears for and uncertainty about the future among lesbian and gay persons whether they are single or coupled. In addition, marriage initiatives often alienate GLBT individuals and communities from the democratic process.

“The absence of recognition for same-sex relationships conveys a sense of second-class citizenship and a stress associated with such an unwelcomed status,” journal editor and contributor Dr. Brian deVries said. “All gay, lesbian and bisexual persons – not just those who want to get married – can experience negative impacts when initiatives like [California’s Proposition 8] get put on the ballot.”

via AVN: Research: Gay Marriage Bans Represent Public Health Issue


6 responses to “Denial of Marriage Equality Is Public Health Issue

  1. It boggles my mind that no one is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS:

    “It is NOT acceptable to have a fundamental right UP FOR A VOTE.”

    “It is NOT acceptable to have FUNDRAISERS to either PURCHASE a civil right OR to EXCLUDE American families FROM a civil right.”

    “Children are hurt by Marriage Inequality.”

    (the Christian Right thinks their children will be “traumatized” when faced with the REALITY of the existence of LGBT families; they have no idea what cruel traumas their family COULD experience if they lacked the rights & protections of civil marriage).

    Oh yeah, and also “No Taxation Will Happen UNTIL Representation”.

  2. there are people screaming at the top of their lungs. these are the people made out to be “extreme” and “violent” in the media. when they’re not being distorted in the news, they’re simply hidden.

  3. You can’t ask folks to violate their conciences. If marriage isn’t the union between one man and one woman, then what is it? Can it be the union between a man and his dog? What if they love each other?
    All the intellectual propositions that are used to support re-defining marraige fail when applied to any other scenario. All you are left to stand on is an emotional appeal, which unfortunately, works quite well with those who are not able to think through the issue.

  4. Sure I can. What you want — keeping citizens as second class under secular law because of certain people’s religious opinions — is patently immoral. And your straw man argument is useless. We are talking about adult humans here, that’s clear. Nice try. Perhaps you should try thinking it through: Marriage equality does not affect churches or schools. We have morality *and* logic on our side. The Yes side has irrationality and fear and deception.

  5. It is immoral and unconstitutional to deny our families and children civil marriage rights. Period. As far as ‘re-defining’ marriage….please…

    MARRIAGE – a Union between 2 Human Beings, embodying Love, Trust,
    and a Mutual Respect and Responsibility for the other.

    What all of the tax-paying heterosexuals do not understand is –

    How can you expect LGBT Americans to feel we are part of this country when we are across-the-board EXCLUDED? How can you expect LGBT Americans to feel one iota of respect for US law or the IRS, when taxation without representation is not just a “concept”, IT IS OUR LIVES? How can you expect LGBT Americans to pay a dime in federal income tax, when DOMA exists?

    And whatever you “think” – I’ve had it. Think away, just don’t expect a penny of my hard-earned income going to the IRS when YOU have this exalted family priviledge. I guess our families do not count – fine. PAY UP.

  6. Well said and spot on, Mr. Bisceglia. That is something they have never been able to explain satisfactorily to me: Why should we bend over and accept such treatment and then be expected to give our loyalty and money? What’s in it for us? Second class status? Stigmatization under the law? Please.

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