Aid Workers in Kabul Warned of Security Threats

[H]undreds of foreign aid workers in Afghanistan have been put on alert by the countrys government that they need to take increased security precautions.

The announcement follows the killing of 34-year-old Gayle Williams. The dual British-South African national was gunned down as she walked to work in a Kabul suburb.

The Taliban claim responsibility for the execution-style street shooting, contending she was trying to spread Christianity. Authorities say they have no confirmation that the killing was carried out by the insurgents.

The humanitarian organization for which Williams worked, SERVE Afghanistan, denies it proselytizes in the country, which is illegal under Afghan law.

Presidential spokesman Humayun Hamidzada, speaking at a news conference, said the government remains committed to providing security for foreigners working in the capital.

“The international workers based in Kabul, be it with the aid agencies or in the private sector, they should get in touch with the relevant police departments, review their security measures and make sure they take necessary precautions while they commute,” he said.

via Voice of America: Aid Workers in Kabul Alerted to Security Threats


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