Zimbabwe: Opposition’s Tsvangirai No-Show at African Summit’

Talks on Zimbabwe power-sharing have been postponed by a week and moved back to Harare, an official said Monday after Morgan Tsvangirai refused to attend a summit of southern African heads.

“Tsvangirai was supposed to attend, but due to technical problems, which have occurred from his side, he was not able to come. That’s why the meeting is taking place in Harare,” Swazi King Mswati III told journalists.

Tsvangirai had been due to meet in Swaziland’s capital Mbabane with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe and four other regional heads of state to break a five-week deadlock over forming a unity government.

But Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said the former union leader had only received emergency travel papers late Sunday, calling the delay an “insult” to the man meant to become prime minister under the unity accord.

SADC executive secretary Tomaz Salomao said, reading from a statement, a meeting will be held in Harare on October 27 to “review the progress on the implementation of the September 15 agreement.”

The spat over travel papers was the latest twist in the five-week battle over the unity accord, which would keep 84-year-old Mugabe as president.

Talks broke down over who should control powerful ministries — particularly home affairs, which oversees the police force.

Regional mediator, former South African president Thabo Mbeki, facilitated four long [and unsuccessful] days of talks between the rivals in Harare last week.

via AFP: Zimbabwe talks delayed after Tsvangirai no-show: SADC


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