This Week in Peace History 10/20-10/26

by Carl Bunin

This Week in Peace History is designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advocating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events (click the dates for details), there are so many smaller things done every day to promote peace and justice. Here’s to the real peace advocates: YOU!

Oct 20

•House UnAmerican Activities Committee
•Folk music album tops charts
• Oakland, CA anti-draft protests build
• Saturday Night “Massacre”

Oct 21

•Seminole leader deceived and seized
•Thousands march on Pentagon
• Missile plant blocked

Oct 22

•Northern students oppose segregation
•International Antiwar Day
•Deposed Shah enters U.S. despite warning
•Millions march against U.S. missiles in Europe

Oct 23

•Parade for women’s vote
•NAACP issues “An Appeal to the World”
•Major League Baseball integrated
•Hungarians demand reform

Oct 24

•Langston Hughes play opens
•40-hour workweek for Americans
•United Nations Day
•Allende elected president of Chile
•No US nukes in UK

Oct 25

•Hiroshima victim remembered

Oct 26

•Illegal information
•Doonesbury publishes nationally
•Reagan refuses to sanction S. Africa
•Israel and Jordan make peace


The Peace symbol turns 50 this year!

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