Taliban Admit to Killing a Humanitarian Worker

All decent people need to denounce the Taliban’s horrid act — and the US must revisit the notion of re-establishing relations with this violent group.

Taliban gunmen killed a Christian aid worker in Kabul on Monday whom the militants accused of  spreading Christianity.

Violence in Afghanistan has increased in recent days. Gunmen kidnapped a former presidential candidate in Kabul, a suicide bomber killed two German soldiers in the north, and Afghan and NATO forces said they had killed about 50 militants in two operations.

The aid worker – a South African-British national – was in the country to help handicapped Afghans. Two men on a motorbike shot her with a pistol as she was walking to work at 8 a.m., said an Interior Ministry spokesman, Zemeri Bashary.

The Taliban claimed responsibility. “This woman came to Afghanistan to teach Christianity to the people of Afghanistan,” said a Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid. He said the movement’s leader’s “issued a decree to kill this woman.”

The woman’s aid group – Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprises, or Serve – identified her as Gayle Williams, 34. “She was a person who always loved the Afghans and was dedicated to serving those who are disabled,” Serve said on its Web site.

The group describes itself as a Christian charity registered in Britain. The Web site says it has been working with Afghan refugees since 1980.

via NYT‘s International Herald Tribune: Taliban say they killed aid worker for spreading Christianity


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