Justice-Minded Methodist Dissent Comes to Baltimore

I could not be more proud… Those involved are nothing less than heroes.

Two women blocked from ordination as United Methodist ministers because one is a married lesbian and the other disagrees with church rules on gay rights received “extraordinary ordination” in Baltimore yesterday. Organizers said it was the first such action by dissenters hoping to change Methodist policies toward gays.

Neither woman will be eligible for assignments to lead Methodist churches under existing policies, but they both believe their new credentials will make them eligible for other jobs within the church, or as ministers in other denominations.

“This day is historic. We have all chosen to live the future now,” said Annie Britton. Her legal marriage three years ago to another woman in Massachusetts ended her path to ordination within her church.

Now the Rev. Annie Britton, she plans to work in church ministry and outreach with a United Church of Christ congregation in Rhode Island.

via Two Methodist women get extraordinary ordination

For a reminder of how the United Methodist Church’s division over equality, check this investigative report of mine from 2000: One Broken Body from Baltimore’s City Paper.


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