US Marshals Service Sued for Racial Discrimination

Black employees of the US Marshals Service filed a racial discrimination lawsuit yesterday, saying they have been denied promotions by managers who belittled them as lazy.

The lawsuit in US District Court seeks broad changes in job practices at a law enforcement agency that has grappled with race bias accusations dating back to the 1990s. It accuses the agency of exploiting loopholes to groom whites for leadership positions while reprimanding blacks for “trivial mistakes.”

Seeking to sue on behalf of 200 current or former black US Marshals employees, the lawsuit alleges violations of federal civil rights laws. It is asking for damages of at least $300 million for lost back pay and harm suffered in a “hostile work environment.”

The allegations also come as black agents at the Secret Service, which protects presidents, their family members, and other dignitaries, are making similar charges of denied promotions because of their race. That 2000 lawsuit in federal court contends white colleagues and supervisors regularly used a racial epithet to refer to criminal suspects and black leaders of other countries.

“This is the way the agency treats African-American deputies all over the country,” said deputy US Marshal David Grogan, a 20-year employee in the case.

via Boston GlobeMarshal race bias is alleged in suit


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