“Joe the Plumber” a GOP Dirty Trick?

An Armchair Activist list member from Oklahoma sent along a letter to the editor she submitted that addresses the rapid rise of “media sensation” Joe the Plumber, who was made notorious during the final presidential debate. I thought it worth sharing, so here is her letter. 

Friday, October 17, 2008 


It seems that the media is missing the entire point of the “Joe the Plumber” story.  By now we all know he is a registered Republican.  He is not a licensed plumber or even a licensed apprentice; and in no way was he serious about buying a $250,000 business on his $40,000 a year salary, especially when he owes back taxes.

(By the way, the $250,000 figure was the cost of the business, not what his annual salary would have been, so he lied about that, too.)  What the media is missing is that this was a Republican set up from the get-go.  A picture of Joe watching the debate in his own living room appeared the next morning in his hometown paper.  Even before McCain mentioned Joe’s name on television, the press was there in his home to take pictures.  Now how did they know McCain was going to talk about this guy during the debate?

This whole charade was a Republican setup, including when Joe had the encounter with Barack Obama.  Joe did not attend that rally because he was Democrat who was supporting Barack or to find out about Barack’s tax plan.  He attended the rally to get the sound bite that has been shown ad infinitum of Barack explaining his tax plan to Joe, and then the Republicans using that incident to do a “gotcha” during the debate. (Of course, the “gotcha” was made up of lies, but that didn’t seem to bother McCain.)

“Joe the plumber” got more press than either candidate, and the entire thing was a fraud, another in a long line of Republican dirty tricks.  What most people don’t know is that Joe also had been the darling of the right-wing radio nuts, even before this happened so he is a extremist idealogue. 

I’m not upset that someone would disagree with Obama’s tax plan.  I am upset about the subterfuge and manipulation by the Republicans to make this staged event seem like a spontaneous happening in order to con the American people.  It was planned and executed by McCain and his minions.  Americans are sick and tired of this kind of Karl Rove dirty politics.

[Name Withheld]
Tulsa, OK

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