Ellen Comes Out Swinging Against CA’s Bigoted Prop 8

I take back everything negative I ever said about Ellen DeGeneres (and it hasn’t been much; we love Ellen in our family). The comedian and talk show host — and my son’s hero — is shelling out big bucks of her own to fight Proposition 8, the evil California ballot measure that would reverse marriage equality in the state. If this bill passes, DeGeneres’ own recent nuptials will be overturned and rendered null and void. It is unbelievable that any of her fellow citizens are so cruel and so determined to put her and thousands of others through that kind of hell. But many of them do — the vitriol from pro-8 bigots has been just shameful. And so were Gavin Newsom’s recorded comments taunting the right wing. The San Francisco mayor’s immaturity and lack of grace may end up being the nail in the coffin for justice lovers. Should the shameful proposition win, I hope Newsom’s political career ends — his temperament shows him unfit to serve or be trusted.

But back to my girl Ellen: Mrs. D. today released a video urging Californians to vote NO on Prop 8. 

Her message:

Hi, I’m Ellen DeGeneres. I got to do something this year I never thought I’d ever be able to do: I got married. It was the happiest day of my life. 

Please, please, vote NO on Prop. 8.

There are people out there raising millions of dollars to try and take that right away from me. You’ve seen their ads on TV. They’re twisting the truth, and they’re trying to scare you. I believe in fairness. I believe in compassion. I believe in equality for all people. Proposition 8 does not.

She is putting her money where her mouth is too, spending $100,000 to buy airtime for her :30 spot.

Watch, and please listen to her:

Ellen also visited Jay Leno’s Tonight Show recently, where both she and the host spoke out against Prop 8:

As far as I am concerned, Ellen rocks and is back on my best-girls list. And should Prop 8 win passage, this girl will work to make sure Gavin Newsom is never elected again, and to boycott Californian bigots.  (Yes, companies there will get a litmus test from Nov. 5 forward if they want my business.) 

I don’t care where you live: If you are a decent person, do whatever you can to support No on Prop 8. If you can afford to give, do it. Time is running out. Do I sound desperate? Good — because I am, desperate for justice and equality.

I’ll end this with another video featuring some more of my best girls and guys. These people do California proud.




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