Colin Powell’s “Meet the Press” Stop May Be a Biggie

Colin Powell will appear on “Meet the Press” Sunday, and First Read teases it in a way that suggests he may weigh in on the presidential race:

In an exclusive interview on Sunday, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell Ret. — who has been courted by both Obama and McCain — will break his recent silence and share his views on a variety of important issues in a live interview on “Meet The Press” this Sunday. Be sure to tune in…

It wouldn’t exactly be a profile in courage on Powell’s part to get behind Obama now, but it would help rehabiliate his post-Iraq image in some quarters.   And it would be the sort of validating endorsement — Republican, military man, well-known elder statesman — that the Democrats would trumpet in the closing days of the campaign to assure voters that Obama is a “safe” pick. 

by Jonathan Martin at That Powell endorsement cometh?

While hints have been circulating that Powell may give his public support to Obama, those are rumors at this point, not facts. His recent testimony as a character witness for embattled Alaska Ted Stevens leads me to wonder. With the race between Obama and McCain appearing to be drawing closer post-debate, if he gives the nod to the Republican, it could be a sort of October Surprise and a major GOP boost. Should he pick Obama, it would do a great deal for the Democrat’s efforts to sway undecided voters and anti-Palin Republicans. Then again, he may opt to endorse no one. I guess we’ll find out Sunday, when Powell sits down with Tom Brokaw.


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