Upswing in Money to Fight California’s Bigoted Proposition 8

With the battle over an initiative to ban gay marriage apparently tightening, $3.6 million in large contributions has poured into the No on Proposition 8 campaign in the past week — narrowing the huge fundraising advantage enjoyed by proponents of the measure.

The developments set up what is likely to be an intense contest in the final weeks of the campaign, with dueling television and radio commercials over whether California should approve a constitutional ban that would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.

After sounding the alarm last week about its $10 million fundraising deficit, Equality California, the lead organization for the No on 8 campaign, has raised more than $3 million within California since Oct. 6, including a $1 million contribution Tuesday from the California Teachers Association, a Mercury News review of Secretary of State’s Office campaign records shows. Meanwhile, out-of-state contributors, including actor T.R. Knight of “Grey’s Anatomy” and financial guru Suze Orman [my hero!], have made six- and five-figure contributions to Equality California, the umbrella group opposing Proposition 8.

via San Jose Mercury NewsProp. 8: Money pours in to oppose same-sex marriage ban


2 responses to “Upswing in Money to Fight California’s Bigoted Proposition 8

  1. The amount of money being spent on each side of this “debate” is SICK. I personally do not think my civil rights are up for debate.


    OUR marriages would not cause any families ANY grief beyond challenging THEIR spiritual arrogance. THEIR desire (the “RIGHT” and anti-equality bigots) to deny OUR family civil marriage HAS-IS-and-WILL cause(d) trauma and harm to countless LGBT Tax-Paying Americans.

    This is a culture war, and we’re using the right weapon in the wrong way. DON’T SPEND MONEY for civil rights, WITHHOLD MONEY for civil rights. Perhaps we need a different weapon. Perhaps if the anti-equality families experience some of the pain our families experience due to marriage inequality, they’d get it. Perhaps it’s a good thing I do not own a gun [insert smiley face].

    And for any gay young-ins out there who can’t wrap their brain around this alleged pain and the need for legal equality, you may not experience it yourself until MUCH later in life, through issues with estate-planning, pensions, hospitalization, property, and death, for starters….creating emotional and financial pains worse than you could ever possibly imagine. Have you not seen the films TYING THE KNOT or FREEHELD?! If not, do so. It’s about us.

    But let’s keep marching and chanting, and now paying….for the “chance” of justice and equality. Look, I understand why people are paying for good PR. But can we step back and look at the precedent it sets for the next 30 years?

    Let’s hold an EQUALITY FUNDRAISER! Pathetic.

  2. I absolutely see your point, and ideologically speaking, I agree with you. Problem is, in the real world, we live within a horrible, flawed system. It’s like marriage itself — the government should have no business in people’s relationships beyond making sure the kids are OK and that adults aren’t cheated, all of which could be handled equitably through some sort of legal partnerships for adults of whatever gender. Fact is, to get parity within this country, if the hets get the right to civil marriage, the gays should have it too. Unfortunately, under prevailing conditions, that takes money. Is that pathetic? Admittedly. Is it the way it is? Yep. Those who actually want it will have to pay to even have a shot at stopping the fundies from discriminating. Sad, but true.

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