McCain & Letterman Finally Face to Face

Sen. John McCain did show up for his date with David Letterman this time. The Oct. 16 “Late Show” taping reportedly was cordial and funny, and Dave didn’t use the L word (and I mean neither “lesbian” nor “love”) when asking about why McCain stood him up on their last appointed meeting and fibbed about it.

At today’s taping, Letterman got straight to the point.

“So what exactly happened?” he asked McCain. “I got to think maybe I’m just not important enough.”

“Can I give you an answer?” responded the senator. “I screwed up.” He shrugged his hands apologetically, adding: “But look at all the conversation I gave you.”

“Well, I’m willing to put this behind us,” Letterman said.

The candidate appeared visibly relieved. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you very much,” he said.

Still, Letterman wasn’t ready to let him off the hook.

“I want your friend Sarah Palin here,” he said. “And if you’re in the White House, I want to be the guy who sits in the outer office, reading magazines.”

“Is this a shakedown or a ransom?” asked McCain with a chuckle.

The conversation quickly turned seriously as Letterman pressed him about his choice of a running mate and the tone of his campaign, questioning McCains attacks on Sen. Barack Obama.

McCain did his best to project a calm, even-keeled demeanor throughout the 20-minute conversation, though he forcefully rejected Letterman’s suggestion that Alaska Gov. Palin was not qualified to assume the presidency or “lead us through the next 9/11 attack.”

“She has inspired Americans,” McCain said. “That’s the thing we need.”

See the post immediately following this one to see what Palin has inspired. You tell me if that is what America needs.

via LA TimesDavid Letterman to John McCain: So what exactly happened?


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