A Fine Person Who Happens to Be Republican

I wonder if the McCain campaign even considered Branson, MO’s Raeanne Presley as a running mate. NYT columnist Roger Cohen got to meet her and, you know what? Agree or disagree with her politics, Presley is one fine person. The timber of the campaign has gotten so angry and crazy, and understandably so. But it is important for everyone to remember that in order to fix the mess the US faces, we’re going to need to work with everyone: Independents, Greens, Democrats, Libertarians, etc. – and even Republicans. Getting along and dealing with people as individuals is a good thing. And there are some pretty cool, decent GOPpers out there. Really, there are, even if the McShame/Ailin’ camp gives no indication of it.

If I could find something interesting about Branson, it might be worth a visit. There isn’t. But I thank Roger Cohen for taking the trip and reporting back on Mayor Presley. She sounds like a good person to know. At least she is a Republican who knows there is nothing to fear should Barack Obama win the election. (And we can agree to disagree on McCain.)

Do read Cohen’s column — you’ll like this woman.

By Roger Cohen  Presley, Palin and the Heartland

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