Troopergate: Monegan Fights Back

Walt. Monegan. Dude. Don’t you know that in Sarah Palin’s world, you’re an insubordinate rogue simply for not giving in to her demands? But good for you for standing up for yourself. Don’t worry, though: Most people I’ve spoken with think you were the only one who behaved ethically through the whole Mike Wooten affair.

From UPI:

Alaska’s former public safety chief says Gov. Sarah Palin lied about him and has filed a formal complaint about her comments.


Last month, Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, called former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan “insubordinate” and accused him of having had a “rogue mentality” in a filing to the state Personnel Board to justify his dismissal, ABC reported Tuesday.

Monegan asked the same board for a fact-finding hearing “to clear his good name, remove the stigma he has suffered, and redress his reputational interests.”

The board is investigating the so-called Troopergate, in which Palin is accused of firing Monegan for not firing Mike Wooten, a state trooper once married to Palin’s sister and whom the Palins accused of misbehavior.

via Troopergate figure files complaint


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