Open Warfare At Camp McCain

Remember late last week when the McCain/Palin campaign announced that it would back away from inciting hatred on the stump? Come the next week, we heard a “new” economic proposal — plus a continuation of the hate. One minute Republicans were disavowing McCain’s smear politicsand his hate-filled followers; in the next, they were spewing the hate themselves.

Many observers had to wonder: What’s going on with the McCain campaign schizophrenia? Who is formulating strategy? Well, it appears, as the well-connected Charley James writes, that the McCain camp has no idea. Apparently, conflicting marching orders are coming, sometimes just hours apart, from two different “chiefs,” campaign manager Rick Davis and Karl Rove protégé Steve Schmidt (he’s the one behind the hate and smear routine). Now it looks like the war is on between the two:

The McCainiacs are fighting over whether to smarm the opposition or shovel out recycled, already-discredited proposals to an unsuspecting public while calling them “new.” It reads like the last days of somebody’s empire, alright.

It didn’t have to come to this. I’m just old enough to remember an era when House and Senate leaders from both parties squabbled… over legislation during the day before meeting every Thursday for a cordial evening of Scotch, Texas beef and poker at the White House with Lyndon Johnson. Between dinner and “G’night, boys,” deals were cut and everyone went home friends.

“When I was a young Senate staffer, the place was inhabited by real leaders who actually cared about the nation they served,” Florida Pete, who classifies himself as a recovering Republican, writes. “Today, ‘they’ only care about their ideology and their ability to secure money. We are being sold out by our own narrow-mindedness, stupidity, greed and gods.”

by Charley James at LA Progressive: Open Warfare At Camp McCain: The Schmidts vs. The Davises

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