McCain Staffers Involved In Voter Fraud; Keating 5 Facts

Forget ACORN, no matter what lies and misrepresentations John MCain and his Kool-Aid-drinking supporters insist. If you’re looking for vote fraud, look on the GOP side of the aisle.

Nearly a quarter of John McCain’s “Clean Election and Voter Fraud Committee,” chaired by Warren Rudman and John Danforth, have been involved in GOP voter suppression efforts and unfounded partisan claims of voter fraud. Of the 21 members of the committee, five have been engaging in these shady efforts.

In addition to Tom Davis, who has a history of openly discussing subtle voter suppression techniques, the committee includes:

  • Cameron Quinn, who was a director of the Republican voter suppression front group, the American Center for Voting Rights.
  • California Secretary of State Bill Jones, who has long fought for ways to make it more difficult for people to vote.
  • Susan Molinari who cried wolf about voter fraud in 2004 and 2006, only to find her allegations proven false.
  • Larry D. Thompson, who hired Bradley Schlozman to work in the Justice Department where he approved Tom Delays redistricting plan, GAs modern “Jim Crow Law” and pursued politicized indictments against ACORN in MO.

Read the whole story at the Oxdown Gazette.

Remember, nobody does theft and fraud like the GOP. John McCain knows this. While he still tries to palm off that ridiculous business over Bill Ayers, use your time usefully: Learn about his involvement in the Keating Five scandal. The blog McCain Keating Five has all kinds of details and information every informed person needs to know.

And no, this is no childish game of tit for tat: This information is important — and true.


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