Negative Campaigns Work Better than One May Think

I can’t help but wonder why the Democrats don’t use smear tactics in email spam.  It would probably help them get elected…

I’ve checked the so-called “facts” contained in the various smear mails against Obama.  None so far has been true.  The emails are written in a way that makes then sound reasonable and factual.  But they simply aren’t.  Some are just plain lies.  … Will the people who send and receive such smear mails bother to check the actual facts?  Apparently not.  One of my cousins has been regaling me with smear mails about Senator Obama and his wife.  Normally, I, like other reasonable people, simply delete such smear mails automatically. 

This year, I decided I would write back to her in my own words, to combat the canned messages that stem from gutter of the Republican campaign. First, since several emails attacked Michelle Obama, I wrote back and told her that Cindy McCain had stolen drugs from a charity she supported and that she had gone out with John McCain while he was still married to his first wife.  I also pointed out some of the troubling information about how McCain’s first marriage ended.  My cousin got my email and wrote back that she thought that McCain’s private life should be private, that what his wife did shouldn’t have anything to do with the election.  I wrote back and asked her why Michelle Obama’s private life wasn’t private and why was it okay to attack her.  My cousin answered that ‘we just don’t think alike.’    

Then I told her she should check out [the Snopes] Urban Legends website to discover what was true and untrue in the bulk spam smear mails she sends to everyone. … My cousin hasn’t written back.  

… It is ironic that the conservative right wing of the Republican party are the ones who utilize negative campaigning and smear tactics the most.  They claim to be on the moral high ground.  They declare their Christianity and high morality at every turn and yet they don’t seem to have a problem sinking into the gutter to lie and spread rumors.  Perhaps their high morals are meant for everyone else.

… Senator McCain can’t make up his mind whether he likes the negative comments he makes about his opponent or not.  In one sentence he admonishes his supporters at a town-hall meeting and states that he knows Senator Obama is a good man and that there is no reason to be afraid for him to be the President.  Then McCain …[stretches] the truth to the crowd, saying Senator Obama is linked to terrorists.  … How can Senator John McCain stand in front of crowds who are shouting “kill him” about Senator Obama (or anyone for that matter) as if this is acceptable or normal? 

via Birmingham Examiner Negative campaigning works

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