Fight McCain/Palin’s Lies with ‘Pinocchio Politics’


Last week, the McCain-Palin message was ugly: that Obama “pals around” with terrorists, implying Obama is therefore a terrorist himself. This incited ugly behavior by their supporters, who openly called Obama a “terrorist.” Americans recoiled in horror, and Obama surged to a commanding 8% lead in the polls, which would produce an Electoral College landslide.

McCain read the polls, freaked out, and adopted an entirely new message: he’s a “fighter.” This one is true! McCain has devoted his political career to fighting against everything we care about: peace, justice, jobs, education, health care, the environment, civil rights, voting rights, and honest government.

Well, we’re fighters too. And as swing voters make their final decisions, we must fight to make sure they are not fooled by the new McCain-Palin message, and instead understand the truth: McCain and Palin are simply bald-faced liars. Our best weapon is humor, so watch this funny video from our friends at Agit-Pop.

Here are the latest McCain/Palin lies:

LIEThe “Troopergate” report cleared Sarah Palin of wrongdoing

TRUTH: The report found Palin “abused her power by violating … the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act” and could be punished when the Alaska legislature meets. (The Washington Post Fact-Checker gave Palin 4 Pinocchios.)

LIEACORN is committing massive “voter fraud” for Obama.

TRUTH: ACORN registered 1.3 million new voters, but a tiny number of forms were invalid. ACORN flagged those invalid forms and urged authorities to prosecute ACORN employees who submitted them. ( will pay $100 for every “Mickey Mouse” who actually votes.) [NO INVALID REGISTRATION FROM ACORN HAS EVER TURNED INTO A VOTE. EVER.]

LIE: Obama “pals around with terrorists” and lied about working with Bill Ayers.

TRUTH: Obama was 8 when Bill Ayers planted bombs to protest Vietnam, and simply volunteers for the same Republican-led education charity. (Meanwhile McCain knowingly associates with terrorists, extremists, and criminals of all kinds.)

The final debate is Wednesday night, so download your own “McLiar Bingo” boards to have fun keeping track of McCain’s lies while you watch with your friends.

Second, let’s form “Pinocchio Posses ” wherever McCain and Palin campaign. We’ll wear home-made “Pinocchio noses ” and hand out home-printed ” McLiar Bingo ” flyers with the lies and the truth. Keep checking our upcoming event list:

Let’s make new friends and have a good time while we put an end to “Pinocchio Politics ” and elect Barack Obama!

More info and comments here:

Election Day Countdown: 21 Days

If you want a real scare, watch this video nightmare about Election Night 2008: 

If you don’t want that nightmare to come true, visit:

1. Register to vote 
2. Request to vote absentee 
3. Find your polling location with Google maps – for early voting or Election Day
4. See exactly what you need to bring (photo ID or alternatives)

Republicans are working quietly to steal another election by disenfranchising Democratic voters, just as they did in 2000 and 2004. So please make sure your vote counts!


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