Right-Wing Backlash against McCain

Being a so-called maverick isn’t winning Sen. John McCain friends on his own side of the aisle. Fellow Republicans are not happy with their presidential nominee’s plan (or, rather, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s previously proposed idea) to buy up bad mortgage loans.

The pointed backlash from several economic conservatives — many of whom already distrust McCain’s commitment to free-market principles — couldn’t come at a worse time for the Republican presidential nominee less than four weeks before Election Day as he stares at a significant deficit in national and state polls.

But at a time when McCain can’t afford to worry about a lack of support from his party’s base, several conservatives are openly criticizing the plan as a flagrant reward for reckless behavior among lenders.

In a sharply worded editorial on its Web site Thursday, the editors of the National Review — an influential bastion of conservative thought — derided the plan as “creating a level of moral hazard that is unacceptable” and called it a “gift to lenders who abandoned any sense of prudence during the boom years.” 

…[C]onservative blogger Michelle Malkin went one step further, calling the plan “rotten” and declaring on her blog, “We’re Screwed ’08.”

via CNN: McCain faces conservative backlash over mortgage plan

Johnny Mac needn’t worry too much. Joe Six Packs and hockey moms whipped into a hate-filled frenzy by his lipsticked pitbull are all too happy to put on sheets and hoist the pitchforks to show support for the right-wing ticket.

The guy who shot the above vid explains. Warning: The language is kind of rough. Then again, so is the language in the video — and in the one that follows. Its author offers no explanation I can find. It is, however, fairly self-explanatory.


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