Nevada Democrats’ Voter-Registration Fraud Headache

Nevada Democrats — and perhaps Barack Obama — are going to have to deal with Republican charges of fraudulent voter registrations.

Personally, I like ACORN. Its Baltimore branch does a lot of good for people the government too often ignores, the poor and the disenfranchised. The group has a reputation as a sort of modern-day Robin Hood, minus the theft. Of course, that means it is seen by the government and certainly by Republicans as an annoyance. And that leads to situations such as the one outlined in the following article. I suspect ACORN’s leaders are telling the truth, but when the government is determined to get you, fair or not, it has the power to do just that:

A community activist group under fire for fraudulent voter registration defended itself Wednesday, saying it tried in vain to work with officials to get rogue canvassers prosecuted months before Tuesday’s surprise raid on its office by state authorities.

“For six months we have been handing the Board of Elections smoking gun after smoking gun, saying, We want you to prosecute these people, ” said Matthew Henderson, regional director of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN. “They sat on them, then staged this raid where they acted as if they didn’t know us.”

Secretary of State Ross Miller, whose office is spearheading the probe, said it was necessary to collect evidence about serious problems that could prompt felony charges.

“Its very disappointing to think ACORN would minimize the importance of maintaining integrity in the election system,” he said. “It’s the equivalent of a suspected bank robber suggesting he was arrested because the police had nothing better to do.”

Um, not if the group tried to turn in the bad guys prior to the raid. Not if the government ignored the group’s complaints in its lust to give the community-service group a black eye. And not if the government paints a group that tried to do the right thing as the bad guy. The police did have something better to do — they could have worked in cooperation with ACORN and gone after the suspected registration cheats when the group says it reported them.  

But no, we can’t have anyone helping the “little people,” can we? Community organizers have no worth, no responsibility…

It’s Palin mentality, and it’s unconscionable.

If people are registering voters fraudulently, they should face charges. But if ACORN tried to alert the authorities, it ought to be praised, not condemned. But in largely red-state Nevada, what kind of fair shake will Democrats, particularly poor ones, get?

via Las Vegas Review-JournalVOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD: Activists defend actions


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