Ambassador Suggests Obama Launch a New Deal for America

On HuffPo, Ambassador Marc Ginsberg offers Sen. Barack Obama, whom he calls the “best hope for a more secure financial future for our nation,” a very interesting idea for his campaign: Propose a plan like the New Deal put forward by Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt to deal with the Great Depression. This is worth reading, folks… and you might want to call or write the Obama campaign and seriously suggest that they read and consider Ginsberg’s suggestion:

A similar type of “new deal” program aimed principally at the crux of our financial crisis — the falling U.S. housing market — is now urgently needed by our Democratic standard-bearer to create an indelibly understandable and comprehensive framework in the minds of voters that he has the most coherent and bold recovery program that gets at the very heart of what plunged our financial markets into chaos aside from greedy Wall Street executives peddling credit default swaps, etc. Another financial infusion of funds to average Americans modeled after the last economic stimulus proposal may just be too insufficient to meet the emergency that will surely follow us well into 2009.

Accordingly, coupled with his affordable health care program, necessary tax reductions and renewable energy incentives the components of the Obama “New Deal” for middle-income America could include the following options:

— Setting the table, so to speak: take one day out of the campaign to convene an emergency economic summit of key financial advisors, business leaders and economists to discuss and assess the credit and liquidity crisis with the objective of legitimating this “New Deal” style-emergency recovery program for the middle class, and present it in a easily comprehensible speech to the American people fireplaces – always a good backdrop.

Program elements would include a new across-the-board housing-focused economic stimulus package. It would be be designed to ensure that the plan is directed at incentivizing prospective and existing home buyers to re-enter/remain in the housing ownership market.

via Huffington Post: Ginsberg Plan – Obama’s New Deal for America


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