Troopergate: Palin & Family Above the Law?

The latest wrinkle in the ongoing investigation into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s alleged abuse of power is particularly galling.  First, Palin’s spouse and a host of associates — with the support of the McCain/Palin campaign — refused to comply with subpoenas to testify. A recent court ruling came down forcing the holdouts to cooperate or face the risk of jail time. Now, the McCain camp — which, inexplicably, is being allowed to manage the situation even though the investigation predates the vice-presidential candidate’s appearance on the GOP ticket — says “First Dude” Todd Palin apparently will testify, but only in writing and with his responses filtered through his attorney. 

Uh — what? 

From the Anchorage Daily News:

Gov. Sarah Palin is under an abuse of power investigation by the Legislature about the firing of her former public safety commissioner. Palin initially said she’d cooperate with the investigation, but her campaign has called the probe biased and instead prefers a separate, more secretive investigation through the state Personnel Board.

Both Palin and her husband are expected to talk to the Personnel Board investigator sometime next week, the McCain-Palin campaign said.

… The McCain-Palin campaign claims Todd Palin’s written responses to Stephen Branchflower — the investigator hired by a bi-partisan group of 12 legislators — would satisfy the subpoena.

Ignoring a subpoena can mean jail time.

Is Todd Palin really off the hook?

“That’s really a question for the full Senate to decide, though his cooperation is certainly something that anyone would look favorably upon,” Sen. Hollis French, an Anchorage Democrat who is overseeing the investigation, wrote in an e-mail Monday.

Tell me, would you or I get the same leeway? What qualifies the Palins for special treatment? And should I run into legal trouble, could I run for office and dictate the terms for my cooperation? Certainly not.

What makes Sarah and Todd Palin above the law? Could it be the apparent GOP ruling-class mentality that says they — and only they — can do whatever they want? And if so, why do the American people allow them to get away with it, time after time after time?

This isn’t “Country First” or “Alaska First.” Who do these people think they are kidding? And do they really think mischaracterizing Barack Obama’s acquaintance with William Ayers will make people — save their obedient and anti-intellectual base, which slavishly cheers anything they do and say, however sleazy, substance-free, or lowest-common-denominator — ignore their arrogance and lack of character?

Hey, they’re mavericks, as they keep shoving down our throats. Like their ideological soulmates Bush and Cheney, they will do whatever they want no matter what. Ask Gwen Ifill. Ask the targets of the discredited lies they continue to spread to the clueless. Ask the folks in Alaska too intimidated to speak openly or being ignored by the rest of the mainstream US.

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