No Equality, But McCain Will Ask Gays for Votes

Insightful Q&A. Sen. John McCain gets obstinate about judges, clings tightly to his federalist ideas, tells married gays to stay out of Arizonaif they want to be treated as married, and insinuates that gays need to forget about equality in the interest of putting “country first.” In an exclusive written interview with the Blade this week, he also shares that he appreciates Log Cabin Republicans’ decision to endorse him (apparently putting country before their own dignity and equality), and he hopes “gay and lesbian Americans will give full consideration to supporting me.”



I think not.

The interview is what you’d expect (he even reads as if he’s testy, which is tough to do when talking from both sides of one’s mouth), but making it notable, this one is historic: McCain, with this interview for the Southern Voice GLBT newspapers, marks the first time a Republican presidential candidate has participated in an interview with, as the Washington Blade puts it, a gay publication. 

via the fabulous Blade, the unfabulous Mr. McCain: McCain’s gay Q&A

And if you haven’t read it yet, catch Barack Obama’s Blade interview.


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