VP Debate: Yep, Sarah Palin Won

Obviously, this is from a hard-spinning right-wing blog. Must admit — it’s fun to watch a Republican spin so hard in support of a woman. Ah, the times…

I admit that I may not be the best choice to judge who won the debate. Those of you who are Khaki Elephant regulars know that I was calling for John McCain to add Sarah Palin to the ticket before Tina Fey knew that Alaskans had Midwestern accents. Saying I am biased on the topic of Palin is like observing that Chris Matthews gets the giggles for Obama. So I suppose the question in my mind is not whether I thought Palin won the debate, Im in no position to objectively analyze that though she won it handily, but whether or not I think her performance will provide a bump in the polls.

The answer is yes. She was solid on substance and spectacular on style. I cant help but feel that most Americans not already opining Obama felt for the first time in a debate of this magnitude that they werent watching a politician; which, of course, makes her the most effective of politicians.

via The Khaki Elephant: Yep, Sarah Palin Won The Veep Debate


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