Senate Bailout Passage: AfterDowningStreet Reacts

Senate Sells Us All Out
by David Swanson

The Constitution requires that the House vote first on spending bills, but the Senate just voted first, and did so by trashing the memory of the late Senator Wellstone, using his bill on mental health coverage.

The Senate has voted to spend money it does not have to give the executive branch powers it cannot safely be given — all in order to dump OUR money on a bunch of billionaire bankers, all motivated by a bunch of fear-mongering lies and the legalized bribery of campaign contributions.

Will somebody tell me one thing the Senate does that the House couldn’t do better on its own. The Senate is an idea whose time has long since come and gone. Other nations with two chambers give superior powers to
the more representative one. Some other nations with single-chamber legislatures represent their people much better than Washington represents us.

Fortunately this bill can still be stopped in the House. It only has to be stopped in one chamber. We can render the Senate’s crime pointless by blocking it in the House. We did so on Monday. We can do so again.


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