Eid al-Fitr: The Fasting Ends

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, is over. Today marks the first day of Eid al-Fitr, a three-day holiday marked by feasting (the breaking of the fast), prayer, and celebration. 

Though Iraqi cities are plagued with violence, many Muslims aren’t letting the drama interfere with their good times on this holy day.

This Gulf News piece focuses on Baghdad:

Hundreds of Iraqi families continue to throng the Games City and Al Zawra Park, one of the most prominent entertainment sites in the capital, to enjoy Eid Al Fitr, despite increased security concerns over the bombings in Al Karrada district just two days before Eid.

“I came to the Games City here on Canal Street, east of Baghdad, and the one objective I have is to enjoy the holiday and spend a good time with my friends, playing the ship game and flying saucers,” [said] 14-year-old Riad Hamid.

… Faten Al Barak, an officer with the municipality, told Gulf News:


“Frankly, my enjoyment of Eid is more than ever before. I think all these families around me have come to Zawra Park with the same determination. We celebrate to defy the recent bombings in the Al Karrada neighbourhood, aimed at terrorising us and keeping us confined within our houses.”

In the New Baghdad district, which has been exposed in the last few months to terrorist attacks, the scene has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Hordes of people went out into the streets, with the children having a gala time at the playgrounds.

Gulfnews: Terror threat no damper on Iraqi celebrations

We wish all of our Muslim sisters and brothers worldwide a peaceful and joyous Eid and we demand freedom for everyone.


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