Alert: For Many, TODAY Is Election Day

from MoveOn:

In key battleground states, today is Election Day. In Nevada, Ohio, Virginia, and elsewhere, early voting has begun. And if this year is anything like 2006, up to 25% of voters will vote before Nov. 4.

Every vote that’s cast early is a boost for Obama heading into November. So right now we’re calling MoveOn members in these states to hook them up with the Obama campaign’s voter outreach efforts.

Can you take just 20 minutes to boost Obama’s campaign with a few phone calls into swing states like Ohio, Virginia, and Nevada?

Our calling tool lets you have a big impact on the race from anywhere —- even if the state you live in isn’t a swing state this year. And using the tool is fun —- most MoveOn members you call will appreciate you reaching out to them with information on how to get involved.

Plus, it’s simple to use. You can make a practice call ahead of time, and the only requirement is that you can be online and on the phone at the same time.

If enough of us call from California or Arkansas or DC, we’ll be able to recruit an army of volunteers for Obama in the states where he needs them most -— and make a huge difference in this race.

DO SOMETHING: If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, start calling!


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