This Week in Peace History 9/29-10/5

by Carl Bunin

This Week in Peace HIstory is designed to help us appreciate the fact that we are part of a rich history advicating peace and social justice. While the entries often focus on large and dramatic events (click the dates for details), there are so many smaller things done every day to promote peace and justice. Here’s to the real peace advocates: YOU!


Sept 29
•British Mandate in Palestine
•Hunger strike against censorship
•Dutch resist cruise missiles
•Londoners protest preemptive war

Sept 30
•U.S. troops enforce court order
•FBI investigates leak of CIA officer’s identity

Oct 1
•The Jerry Rescue
•Anti-war museum
•Integration comes to Ole Miss
•Berkley Free Speech Movement began
•Trident II Plowshares

Oct 2
•Leader for peace born in India 
•Disarmament march ends in Moscow
•Civil rights champion on Supreme Court

Oct 3
•Iraq achieves independence
•Mississippi Legislature won’t give in
•Singer for justice passes on in NYC
•SALT I treaty
•Northern Ireland hunger strike ends
•Non-proliferation at work

Oct 4
•Cabinet secretary leaves in disgrace
•Space launch danger opposed

Oct 5
•Nuclear plant accident in Detroit
•Protest against uranium mining
•Raoul Wallenberg Day
•CIA plane downed in Nicaragua
•Nuclear powers lower the temperature

The Peace symbol turns 50 this year!


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