Without Paper Trail, Electronic Voting Can’t Be Trusted

Do you believe your vote will count?

Do you believe your vote will count?

In seven weeks, we’ll have a new president-elect, but will we be sure the voting, as conducted by electronic machines, is accurate? According to the findings of a new congressional investigation, the answer is no. The only solution? Ensure there is a voter-verified paper record of every electronic ballot cast.

From the NYT:

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office concluded that the Election Assistance Commission, which is in charge of certification, has improved the system, but it still identified serious problems.

It found that the commission has failed to establish a central repository where copies of all certified software would be available for inspection and cross-checking. States and localities need to be able to ensure that the software they get from voting machine manufacturers is identical to the software that has been tested and certified. The commission has also failed to set up an adequate system for tracking and resolving problems with machines once they are certified and in use.

Certified but Not Guaranteed


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