Fundie Critic Raps McCain

David Brody, writing for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, is among those criticizing Sen. John McCain’s supposed suspension of his presidential campaign:

The real question here is did he really have to suspend his campaign and put this debate in jeopardy in the first place? You can make the argument that instead of ‘suspending his campaign” he could have simply said that he’s going off the trail for a few days to try and hammer out a deal. That simple. No drama. No calling out Obama to follow his lead. No suspending of the campaign. No debate up in the air. But clearly the McCain campaign wanted to showcase “John McCain the Leader’ and so hence we got the dramatic scene that unfolded Wednesday.

Indeed, McCain got his dramatic presidential moment. When he suspended his campaign on that New York City stage with American flags behind him, he took no questions and walked off stage. It looked very presidential and like a ‘take charge decisive” moment. But the problem is that he didn’t go straight to Washington. If it was such a crisis, why not blow off your entire schedule? That’s not simply my analysis. That is just common sense. To capitalize on his “suspending the campaign moment”, the next video of McCain probably needed to be him walking into his office on Capitol Hill. Appearing with Katie Couric after the announcement with David Letterman making fun of you is not a “Kodak moment.”

Mr. McCain Goes to Washington


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