Gordon Brown, New Man of the People, Fights to Keep His Job

It wasn’t all that long ago when we watched then-UK PM Tony Blair’s difficulties in maintaining some sort of unity within his nation and within his Labour Party. The times, they aren’t a-changing for successor Gordon Brown, now feeling the heat from his party mates, who seek successors for Brown.

An excerpt from the BBC piece:

In his keynote speech to the Labour Party conference in Manchester, Mr Brown said he wanted to build a new “fair society” for all.

And he announced that from next year people with cancer will not pay prescription charges in a £250m move.

…Mr Brown began the speech by apologising for scrapping the 10p tax band.

“What happened with 10p stung me because it really hurt that suddenly people felt I wasn’t on the side of people on middle and modest incomes – because on the side of hard working families is the only place I’ve ever wanted to be. And from now on it’s the only place I ever will be.”

…The prime minister is trying to reassert his authority over the party and bury talk of a leadership challenge. 

He will spell out a vision of “a Britain of fair chances for all and fair rules applied to all.”

Read it:

Brown’s message for Labour rebels

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