In Rare Move, Court Tells Dick Cheney No

Over the past eight years, the Bush administration has been treated as if it is above the law. Not this time. And if Dick Cheney doesn’t comply, he could go directly to jail.

From the LA Times National blog:

[Cheney] went to court to protect details about the role of energy executives in private meetings he led to develop the Bush administrations national energy strategy.

He went to Capitol Hill to argue for an exemption to a proposed ban on torture of terror suspects. He wanted to make sure the president had the flexibility to order water boarding or other horrific techniques to prevent a terrorist attack.

Now hes gone to court again to argue that a vice president need only preserve records central to his job as the official who presides over the U.S. Senate, or relating to specific tasks assigned by the president. That would narrow the pile considerably.

Yesterday a judge from the U.S. District Court in D.C. rejected that idea, giving a first-round victory to a group of historians and others at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington CREW, concerned about their eventual access to the records, who had sued him in court.

No schadenfreude, please, but read it:

Busted: Dick Cheney cant toss records, says court


2 responses to “In Rare Move, Court Tells Dick Cheney No

  1. thanks so much for posting this… one of the reasons Bush-Cheney never lose in court is they appointed about 3/4ths of the federal prosecutors and about one-third of federal judges.

    Kind of a stacked house, no?

    –Rev M

  2. Imagine how much more the deck will be stacked in the GOP direction if McCain wins this thing. Gives one chills.

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